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Listen to your own advice Episode 18

Listen to your own advice

· 54:16

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In this episode titled 'Convergence 18', the hosts delve into a plethora of topics, reflecting and sharing personal experiences. Beginning with an intriguing discussion on their reflections about dealing with sales and projecting their ultimate creation, they proceed to discuss the prospect of offering a premium experience with custom 'loot crates' that includes books, blue-light blocking glasses, and other curated items. Mark probes the vision for Brendan’s course ‘Godmode’ intended for personal transformation and how he plans to market it. Conversations about Buddhism, capitalism, and societal pressures also form part of the discussion. Brendan shares intriguing anecdotes about his participation in certain programs and the impact it had on him. The informal banter and personal insights make it a poignant and enlightening conversation.
Find Mark and creative coaching at mark@morningcreative.fm

Engage Brendan and health explorations at brendan@enterGODMODE.co

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