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We've got stuff to do, we can't be sticking on Ds Episode 19

We've got stuff to do, we can't be sticking on Ds

· 48:40

Mark and Brendan have a banter of a good time discussing updates to a bunch of ongoing topics. Mark updates his Sticky Point Of View from last episode. And later, Mark reveals the next evolution of his project Morning Creative, and how he’s crafting a quiet space for Brendan, I mean everyone, to do their creative work.

Brendan makes some BOLD claims about what veganism is, controversial! Brendan also brings up a book about women’s health and declares it won’t be a part of the men’s health course Godmode. Good thinking, Brendan. But gleaned from the information about women, Brendan is able to better understand men and how the hormone system works. It all comes together.

* Womancode by Alisa Vitti

Find Mark and creative coaching at mark@morningcreative.fm

Engage Brendan and health explorations at brendan@enterGODMODE.co

Email: convergencepod@icloud.com

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